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I have spent many years researching different belief systems…and I am just getting started. I am grateful for my Christian upbringing as a foundation, yet also respect other belief systems, since they all have value to those who founded and follow them. While it’s impossible to understand every belief system other than our own, I feel it’s important to respect what others choose for themselves, because we all believe that what we’re doing is right…so technically we are all “right.”

I am fascinated by our capacity to choose and follow belief systems…and our ability to change them when they no longer serve us. I challenge my own beliefs on a regular basis, which allows me the freedom to incorporate new ideas as I wish. I have no particular name or “label” for my belief system, and my licensure is with a full-spectrum universal/interfaith ministry. Regardless of how it is named, I believe in a Divine Creative Force of All That Is which permeates every living thing; an intelligent consciousness that animates every subatomic particle which is pure Love and pure potentiality, and that every human being is part of – and therefore has access to – this Divine Creative Force.

I believe that every thought is a “prayer” that we program into our higher minds (the part of us that is connected to the Divine Creative Force). Therefore we influence our reality with our thoughts, or our “vibrational frequency.” I also believe that we pre-determined intentions for our lives, and that when we are allowing our Soul/Higher Self to guide us (faith, trust, positive thinking/frequency), we naturally discover that “purpose.”

I believe each human has the freedom and responsibility to determine what they believe is right. I also believe that the Divine Creative Force is Love, and that Love has no boundaries of ethnicity or gender. If you are searching, I may direct you to a variety of sources to help you open your mind to a variety of philosophies, but I will always encourage you to discover and develop a belief system of your own – one that serves to fulfill and enhance the life that matters the most – yours.

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